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Recipe for a really enjoyable music session:


  • whole neck of acoustic guitar,
  • two rows of mellodion,
  • one freshly plucked mandolin,
  • at least two fresh flutes, (may substitute tinned whistles)
  • two pounds of snare drum,
  • and a squeeze of concertina.


  • Begin by de-stringing the guitar; stand for a while.
  • Mix the reeds, but don't strain them, allow them to breathe before adding the flutes.
  • Next add the two pounds of snare drum, and the rest of the strings.
  • Bring to a crescendo, until the mixture forms soft peaks (do not let it go flat).
  • Chorus and sustain for two verses, then mix vigorously, and turn out onto a platter (seedy).
  • Enjoy hot, clef'd, with a squeeze of concertina, garnished freely with mordants

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