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Zig Zag Festival PARADES

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Zig Zag Community Arts
(Zig Zag Arts) is a group developing the community through the arts.

Every year as part of the Zig Zag Festival there is a Parade down the main street of Kalamunda with bands, and usually there are dancers, circus performers and clowns, Kites, schools displays, community displays, 
and of course there is a PARADE FLOAT.

The Parade is quite a spectacular, with a lot to think about, there are roads closed, some traffic gets diverted and people are using the roads where the cars would normally drive.

To make it all happen takes quite a bit of organising and a lot of collaboration.

The Parades have a tradition all of their own; the floats get built by the community with help and support from artists and engineers.  Some of the loats have been small and some have been HUGE...

The Aim of Zig Zag Arts is to involve the community in the appreciation of, and participation in community arts. The Parade is one way that the community gets to make and showcase its creations and to share what can be done with mostly recycled materials and a lot of creativity and ingenuity.

Below are some images from past parades to give you a flavour of what many small hands can make.

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2006 Zestival - five senses

2006 Zestival Parade float the Venturers' Boot
it had
Eyes to see
Hands to touch
Ears to hear
A tongue to taste
and it was a boot ... so it smelled

2009 25th anniversary

a float to represent 25 past Festivals

Concept Drawing of the 25 years caterpillar float
and the finished float
2009 Caterplosion float at the Gumnut Roundabout in Kalamunda
at the Gumnut roundabout
2006 Caterplosion Float with its many legs and 25 segments one for each festival
The "Caterplosion" float had 25 segments and each one depicted a past Festival

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2010 Circus Express

where the train is being managed by a bunch of Clowns

Poster with concept drawing for the circus themed train
Poster with concept for the Community Workshops

Circus Express Train Construction in progress
Painting in progress

Circus Express 2010 Zig Zag Festival Parade Clowns laying crazy tracks for the train
and the finished result

Clowns laid the track in front of the train and retrieved it from behind the train all the way down the main street

And the kids made their own costumes
2010 Zig Zag Festival Parade Costume shop

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2011 Pirates in the Park!

the Pirate Ship Kalamunda had a motley crew

2011 Pirate Ship Kalamunda leaves centro Car Park heading for Stirk Park

And they made the baby walk the plank!
2011 Pirates in the Park had a pirate ship and sharks
meanwhile there were Street Sharks cruising the bitumen below...

The Crew of the Pirate Ship Kalamunda 2011
the Proud Crew disembarked at the sound shell stage

There was another ship that didn't make the parade
Pirate Ship "Stirk Barque" run aground on the Gooseberry Hill Zig Zag
Run aground on the side of the cliff on the Gooseberry Hill Zig Zag, the Pirate Ship "Stirk Barque"
with her Cap'n was quite a surprise to the people walking down the scenic drive for Walk the Zig Zag.
"Unseasonal high tides, t'is as if the very Globe was warming..."

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2012 Medieval Festival

And all it needed was a fire-breathing DRAGON
2012 the Parade DRAGON

and there's a video...
Still image of 2012 Dragon float at the Gumnut Roundabout
Click on the image to play video
24 seconds Flash video (2.1meg)

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2013 Hills of Middle Earth

(Hobbits in the Hills)

Poster and concept for 2013 Parade Float Workshop

the Ent stood tall against Gollum, who threatened him with a fish
2013 Parade shot of the very tall Ent faced by Gollum with a Fish

and finally the travellers returned to the Hobbiton Mill
2013 Festival Parade The Fellowship returns to Hobbiton Mill

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2014 "Fiesta Munda"

the latin themed festival had a Mexican Cactus Worm float "mr Mustacio"
2014 Zig Zag Festival Parade float - Mr Mustacio Mexical Cactus Worm
Seen with the comperes from the main Zig Zag Sound Shell Stage

Also in the parade were Muchas Mariachis
2014 Zig Zag Festival Parade Band Muchas Mariachis

And Latin Dancers and Drummers from the Sambanistas
2014 Zig Zag Festival Parade Sambanistas
and they danced all the way to Stirk Park

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2015 "Trees Tracks & Trains"

The history of Kalamunda included the railway locomotive famed for pulling the train
up the steep incline of the Gooseberry Hill Zig Zag.
2015 Zig Zag Festival Parade Float-Lil Black Kettle- the Zig Zag Railway Train
Pulling three carriages, it's the Lil' Black Kettle

At the front of the Parade were CIRQUEST circus performers on tall stilts and clowns
2015Zig Zag Festival Parade stiltwalkers and clowns

Zig Zag Community Arts Inc.   
ABN 31-717-398-345 (Registered for GST)

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